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Water – the Origin of Life

Water is life, the existence of man and that of animals and fauna depends on it. We have built our civilizations on the shores of the oceans and the banks of rivers rich in water. There is nothing we fear more than the lack of water, or the abundance and floodings.

It was the Svartisen glacier in Norway that triggered my fascination for the element water. Svartisen measures 370 km² and therefore is the second largest glacier in Norway. It is located in the province of Nordland, just above the polar circle in the Saltfjellet Svartisen National Park Northwest of the city of Mo i Rana. It consists of a total of 60 glacier arms. Between the two main glaciers, the Eastern and Western ice, Glomtal is to be found.

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Our honeymoon in 1996 took us to Sweden and Denmark. We were deeply impressed by its landscapes and its abundance of water. So, one year later, we decided to explore Norway. On July 17th, 1997, a Thursday, we were driving on Road No. 17, on one of the most beautiful and scenic coastal roads in Norway, into the area of the Svartisen glacier. After having reached Holand, we continued our journey by boat to the Svartisen area. After a hike that took us about 1,5 hours, we finally reached a marvellous look-out point, facing a tremendous wonder of nature. Viewing this breathtaking glacier, its dimension and its power, emanating from Svartisen, captivated my senses. I was speechless, totally unable to express in words what I was feeling at this very moment. Facing this gigantic mass of water and ice, both of us were feeling humbly tiny and extremely insignificant. We became conscious of nature´s superiority over man. This magic place makes it clear: water is the origin of all forms of life. In interaction with the forces of the universe and stars, water keeps the cycle going, which enables animals, plants and humans alike, to go on existing. This fragile system gives us oxygen to breathe and provides us with food.

After having returned home from our gorgeous journey, I started devouring scientific reports, and I could not stop studying the interdependencies between water and the cosmos almost continuously. Thus, the foundation stone to my mission had been laid: to preserve and to protect any water resource. 

A friend of ours, who has been living on the Canary Islands for almost 30 years, later told me about a similar experience she was having while standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean on the volcanic island of Lanzarote. She was saying:

“El Océano Atlántico – y simplemente todos los océanos – son organismos vivos. Ellos nos elevan, nos curan. Experimentad, sentid, affirmad….”

(“The Atlantic Ocean – just as any ocean – are living organisms. They raise us up, heal us.

Experience, feel, affirm…”)

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Today, on September 17th, 2020, we celebrate the 8th anniversary of our GoToMarket Solution activities and partnerships. And, we also decided to use the expertise of our worldwide network. With consideration to all increasing threats to the oceans, lakes and rivers, GoToMarket Solution have made water with all its complexity to the topic of our mission. Together with our partners, scientists and proven experts of various professions, we hope to pursue a positive influence on current issues concerning any handling of water, life in water, water purity and water purification. 

We are in a continual quest for further competent teams and strong individuals, since the damage that has already been caused by the irrational conduct and behaviour of most of the people, as well as their greed for profit within certain companies can only be stopped and repaired with joint forces.

Entrepreneur and investor Richard Branson clearly expresses himself in an interview with sky news.

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One of the most current examples is the ambitious project named „The Ocean Cleanup„, which was started by Boyan Slat (born on July 27th, 1994 in Delft, Netherlands) at a very young age: 18 only! Boyan Slat is a Dutch inventor, entrepreneur and former student at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. The project team is committed to clear the oceans from plastic waste.

We invite initiative teams and companies alike to contact us and team-up with us in our ambitious endeavor to protect and rescue our water resources. Everyone is asked to contribute hereto in a constructive manner. On the Canary Islands, for example, private groups take initiative and are actively working in the preservation of clean water and coastal cleanup actions. Everyone who wants to contribute in the form of ideas and projects is welcome. Write to us: 

We are looking forward to learning about your ideas and your projects.